make your own valentine's day succulent box

Let’s not over think things upcoming holiday people. Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers….its for friends, teachers, co-workers. It’s a day to say “You Rock!” . . . “Thank you for being you”. . . “Just because”.  So, with this simple formula we bring you a simple,  oh so cute and fun gift idea with washi  tape (a fave of ours), a blumebox and a 4″ potted succulent.

Select your favorite color blumebox and patterned washi tape. Open blumebox till the bottom locks into place and the blumebox is sturdy. Begin by tearing various lengths of washi tape and place on blumebox. Adjust direction of washi tape to take shape of a heart.

Pop the blumebox liner (that comes with the blumebox) in the base of box followed by the succulent and you voila!

Make one or make duplicates, this is a cute, clever and easy DIY valentine for some lucky peeps!

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Posted on January 28th, 2014 at 11:38 am
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Operation Shower has done it again, with the help from creative guru The TomKat Studio, in transforming tables and event space for this “Love is In The Air” event.

There are so many gorgeous details to this chocolate brown, khaki, and white party that would be just as perfect for a Vintage Anniversary party or Valentine’s Day party. We especially oohed and awed over that mouth watering dessert table and hot air balloon centerpiece constructed out of a blumebox! Catering to the vintage theme, each table was a collection of unique and different items that all tied in with one another perfectly!

Now, I have had my share of attempts in making hot air balloons out of blumeboxes, none of which you will find on our Ideas In Blume Blog, because they were just that…attempts! The key to this successful DIY to others I have tried, is the paper lantern. The rigid make up of the lantern allows for easier construction, than that of a balloon.

Check out this How To Make Your Own Hot Air Balloon Centerpiece

What you will need: 1x blumebox (4″ or 5.5″ cube will due), 4 x dowels (12 “long), 4x satin bows, satin ribbon, decals, 1 x paper lantern (6″-8″)

1)Open blumebox till bottom locks. You will not need plastic bag for this, so either fold and place on the bottom of blumebox or do not use at all.

2)Wrap blumebox with satin ribbon to suit. If using, adhere decal on top of the ribbon.

3)Hot glue a bow to each dowel.

4)Hot glue the bottom part of dowels and attach to the inside corners of the blumebox.

5) Place/rest paper lantern between the four glued dowels. Bows should be on outside of dowel.

For credits and more inspiration from this beautiful vintage baby shower, head on over to Operation Shower

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Posted on June 11th, 2013 at 9:42 am
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This layered ribbon tutorial was inspired by a DIY on how to make your own favor boxes, demonstrated by Tulle Box Design on the fabulous, Wedding Chicks site.

When we spotted these clever ideas applied to a basic white favor box, we knew we had to try it on a cardboard blumebox.  While any size blumebox would work, we used a 4″ white cube blumebox.


With just four supplies needed and super simple instructions, you can make a layered ribbon box in no time.

1) Apply two strips of double stick tape to each side of the blumebox (8 strips total).

2) Measure out one strip of ribbon that covers the circumference of the box and cut. Proceed to cut the necessary amount of ribbon needed to cover the entire blumebox.

3) Starting from the base or bottom of the blumebox, proceed to stick ribbon to the double stick tape. Extra tape might be needed on the ends of the cut ribbon to ensure a clean join.

After finishing the light pink satin ribbon vase, we wanted to try a version with some light and bright pink ruffled ribbon we had in stock. By adding the cake pop/lollipop insert, the layered ribbon container transformed into a pretty awesome pink ombre cake pop display box.

Coming soon…tissue paper case!

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Posted on April 16th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Fringe is popping up everywhere, so we felt it necessary to give it a go on a blumebox.  We used this tutorial over on Apartment Therapy to get us started and we love the results.

The fringed blumebox is filled with handmade lollipop flowers constructed out of cupcake wrappers.

Super simple…super cute…super fabulous Valentine’s Day projects for kids! Get lost in other fabulous Valentine’s Day ideas over on our Pinterest Page!

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Posted on February 7th, 2013 at 4:49 pm
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Wahooooo for washi tape!. . .

You have heard me say it before, I have a love affair with washi tape. So you can imagine that with Valentine’s Day nearing, I found it necessary to have some fun with a few rolls that were lying around the office, to come up with a couple simply cute, heartfelt gift ideas.

For these easy do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day packaging ideas, we used a 4″ white cube blumebox and a blumebud and proceeded to layer washi tape on top of washi tape.

To transform the blumebox into a sweet gift, we used our cake pop insert and added rock candy and red hots to make one tasty treat for your main squeeze.

As for the blumebud … after a few layers of washi tape love, we added a birthday cake flavored cake pop from Starbucks into the plastic tube. In no time at all, you have a wee something for you BFF! We have to admit, that our blumebuds come in super cute patterns that are cute enough to stand on their own. No washi tape needed!

Buy a blumebud 6-pack for $7.50, add a cake pop and you have one very easy, tasty and budget friendly gift for your girlfriends, kids and office-mates!

For more fun and creative ways to win the hearts of your loved one, check out our Valentine’s Pinterest board and Ideas In Blume Blog!

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Posted on January 24th, 2013 at 11:51 am
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