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When is the last time you used place cards? Probably donkey years, right?
Well a month or so ago, I decided to turn breakfast into a dressed up affair and set the table with some fun items I have been gathering from Oh Joy!, who recently partnered with Target, to create some awesome sherbert hued party supplies.

To seat my wee guests, I busted out a package of gold damask blumebuds. Sold by the 6-pack the blumebuds are supplied flat and can be assembled with the solid color facing out or the patterned facing out. A fun way to add some pizazz to any table! Next, I wrote the names of each of our diners on the tag that comes included, added a flower and water to the tube that is part of the blumebud and we had some pretty cute place card holders that doubled as a bud vase!

Super simple and makes such an impact! My girls felt so special and loved the idea of having their own place to sit.

Shop our blumebud collection of fabulous colors that are perfect for any occasion!

Clever tip from blumebox customer: “I recently recently used the blumebuds at a breakfast I was hosting to call out the assortment of items on our food table! I was able to identify Gluten Free, nut free items very easily!

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Posted on October 14th, 2014 at 12:37 pm
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When we spotted this Mothers Day Brunch photo shoot for HGTV,  styled by The Tom Kat Studio, we new we had to recreate this pattern using the blumebox My Monet Kids Kit.


I went into this project with the goal of nice clean finger prints. Well tell that to a 2.5 year old and 4 year old that get told we are going to paint! I still love the results and believe that we could have kept going with filling in some of that white space, but the project had to wind down when the 4 year old wiped her mouth with her painted hands and proceed to eat the paint.

To see more fun with finger painting, head on over to the blumebox pinterest board.

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Posted on May 15th, 2013 at 8:00 am


Has anyone else been thrown off with the early arrival of Easter this year? Well, I certainly have!!! For those of you who still are not sure how that table is going to look this Sunday, we have a super easy and gorgeous idea to send your way.

Burlap people. . . is a great material that can add a nice touch of rustic elegance and country chic to anything. For the blumebox bouquet, I started with my current favorite size blumebox, the 5.5″ cube, in white.

Start by decorating the blumebox. Glue desired length burlap to suit circumference of box. I happened upon some awesome burlap ribbon one Michael’s outing, that was great for this project. Layer the burlap with your color choice of raffia and tie off.  Now for the flowers. . . I used an assortment of tulips, ranunculus, craspedia and assorted greens and arranged to my liking. And there you have it!

I love everything about this project and believe that it would be simply gorgeous for a country or farm wedding or garden party.

A post is not a post without other inspiration. For the burlap bunny bag check out Bloom Designs and for the burlap bunny banner and many more burlap ideas hop on over to Uncommon Designs Online.

Happy Easter!

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Posted on March 25th, 2013 at 1:02 pm
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So in my spare time, I LOVE walking the aisles of Target. Seriously. My husband is perplexed by the joy it brings me to be “kid free” and journey to Target.

In my last travels, I found decorative Duct Tape.  I could have gone crazy and purchased a slew of patterns, but I remained calm and collected and grabbed one pattern, determining that I ought to test it first and see how it adheres to a blumebox. Well, it was the shizzle… the bomb…awesome…and EASY! I will be sure to pick up more on my next Target trip.

To start this DIY project, I used a 4″ white blumebox cube and literally started taping. I was pretty particular with lining up the pattern, but I am not sure how necessary that is. Three rows later, I was done. Really… that’s it! Now I did not measure things out, but I am guessing I could have decorated two more cubes. Talk a bout a super easy and one ridiculously cute party idea.

We could not stop admiring our wee creation, so we added some fresh strawberries and delivered it to a friend as a Hostess Gift.

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Posted on September 13th, 2012 at 4:32 pm
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Celebrate mom this Sunday, with a brunch!

We were inspired to build a yellow and grey infused board after seeing this fabulous poster from Holiday Snob. From there we selected an image of our 4″ silver birch blumebox cubes that adds a crisp, bright look to any table!

We adore this fan backdrop in more ways than one, and think it would be just as fabulous scaled down and have them hanging in a room. The straws provide added style to drinks and the cupcakes are just plain adorable! The LOVE poster could make great place cards, place mats or menu cards.

Time is of the essence, so get cracking on setting one fabulous yellow and grey table to celebrate your mom and grandma!

Inspiration and Photo credits: 1)Holiday Snob2)Blumebox 3)100 Layer Cake 4)Etsy 5)World Gallery6)Etsy

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Posted on May 7th, 2012 at 4:10 pm
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