Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo… cardboard blumebox flower vases are transformed into table centerpieces for this adorable Cinderella themed birthday party for one lucky Princess Madison who turned 4.

Customized signs can be created on your own or purchased through an online business that can make the perfect signs suitable for the party of your choice. For this magical blue and pink Cinderella themed party, Playpatterns produced customized signs that were used as centerpieces for the tables throughout the ball.

Simply insert a stick between two signs add a bow and then place mounted sign into a blumebox. Fill with candy, tissue or just about anything that will keep the sign upright and somewhat secure.

Just like magic you have one yourself some gorgeous Cinderella centerpieces fit for a royal gathering!

Be sure to click on over to HWTM for so many more blue and pink Cinderella themed party ideas that were created by Queen Dayna (Madison’s mom).

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Posted on April 3rd, 2014 at 3:38 pm
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Calling all Superhero’s . . . I saw it fit to post this Superhero’s themed party created by talented blumebox customer, The Candy Box & More, seeing as it’s Halloween.

With some fantastic printables, these superhero centerpiece took shape quite easily! I love the consistency with using the 8″ white blumeboxes and mixing up the colored ribbons and printables to have some fun with the red, white, blue and yellow superhero theme.

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Posted on October 31st, 2013 at 10:26 am
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With Halloween days away, I have been scouring the net for costume ideas and I learned that Minions rank the top 10 most searched Halloween Costume Ideas for 2013. So with that random fact, I bring you this Despicable Me Party from blumebox customer, The Candy Box & More.

Let’s start with the balloon backdrop sign for the sweets table. . . It is off the chart! Balloons are a fun and somewhat easy way to add color and punch to your theme. This masterpiece, would have required some time, but the end result is awesome!

For table centerpieces at this Despicable Me party, 8″ white blumeboxes were adorned with ribbon and filled with tissue shreds and signs of the movies characters. Easy and a smart cost reducing solution for table centerpieces.

For more cool kids party ideas head over to the Blumebox Pinterest Board.

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Posted on October 30th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Mini Mouse is a favorite of wee girls, and having a Mini Mouse themed birthday party tops the popularity chart! And for all those boys who adore Mickey Mouse, just change up the color palette to red, blue, green or yellow!

We have a fun, easy and kid friendly make-your-own Mini Mouse centerpiece this week that is sure to make some little girls smile! It sure made ours flash her pearlies.

Shopping List:

1) 2 x smaller Styrofoam balls (for ears)

2) 1 x larger Styrofoam ball (for head)

3) 2 x toothpicks

4) 1 x craft stick, skewer, or baking stick

5) washi tape

6) 4″ cube blumebox

7) 10 x pink gerbera daisies

How To Make It:

1) Get your children to help!

2) Paint all three Styrofoam balls with black paint. Let dry.

3) Decorate 4″ blumebox cube with washi tape. We created two lines.

4) Push toothpicks half way into the two smaller (ears) Styrofoam balls.

5) Place one ear into the left of the larger Styrofoam ball (the head) and then place the second ear into the right side of the head. Wrap a pink ribbon around one ear.

6) To decorate the stick that holds Mini’s head, roll out a strip of washi tape long enough to wrap length of craft stick, skewer or baking stick. Then wrap.

7) Peirce base of mini’s head with decorative stick. Presto…you have a 3-d mini mouse silhouette ready to go inside your floral arrangement.

8) Arrange pink gerberas inside 4″ cube blumebox and then insert your mini mouse silhouette on a stick into arrangement. This could also work great as a candy arrangement. Instead of florals fill the blumebox with candy and poke mini mouse on a stick through center of candy.

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Posted on August 27th, 2013 at 8:00 am
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Star Wars continues rock the popularity charts for boys birthday party themes.  And we loved this Darth Vader table centerpiece that was sent in from blumebox customer, Kim, for her son’s 5th birthday.

To recreate this:

1) Open a 6″ blumebox in red, black or white.

2) Line and adhere fabric ribbon or our striped paper ribbon down the side/sides of the blumebox.

3) Adhere personalized Star Wars Cards to center of ribbon.

4) Fill with crinkle confetti paper.

5) Glue Darth Vader masks to a large wooden craft stick. Let Dry

6) Insert mask stick into blumebox. To ensure the mask stays upright, glue stick to front of blumebox.

7) Mix things up and you can have different Star Wars charters/masks for each table.

Thank you Kim for this great Do It Yourself!

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Posted on August 19th, 2013 at 3:46 pm
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