Tissue Paper Covered Blumebox Flower Vase


The inspiration for our “how to make a shabby chic container with tissue paper”, came to us after seeing this DIY Favor Box Ideas from Tulle Box Designs over on Wedding Chicks.

Using a few supplies, (4″ white blumebox cube, cut up 2″ squares of white tissue paper, double stick tape and the end of a pencil) this tissue clad blumebox flower vase began to takes its poofy shape in no time at all.

1) Line each side of the blumebox with strips double stick tape, leaving about a 1/4″ between each strip.

2) Take a piece of tissue paper and wrap round eraser side of pencil. This will help you stick the tissue to the blumebox. Continue along the path of the double stick tape to you reach the end. Repeat till each panel is covered with tissue. To mix it up a bit use various colored tissue to get an ombre effect!

3) Fill with flowers, candy or cake pops!

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