Making A Moss Centerpiece With A Blumebox



If you have not worked much with the blumebox product line, you will quickly discover that the cardboard material in which the flower container is made from, allows for endless possibilities. This tutorial on making a moss centerpiece is no exception.

With four supplies (4″ blumebox cube, floral foam, bag of moss, and a glue gun) you can have a moss adorned vase in no time. I used our 4″ sage chain link blumebox cube to blend in with the color of the moss and wouldn’t you know it, it is on sale for $2.50.  All in you, are creating a moss centerpiece for $3.50 each, not including flowers.

Let’s get started, why don’t we…Start on one panel of the blumebox and begin gluing in small patches and adhere moss to glue. Avoid spreading hot glue over whole panel as it dries rapidly and wont adhere the moss to the box. Work your way around the blumebox until all the panels are covered with moss.

Onto filling this rustic beauty. Size your floral foam and place into the plastic bag (included in the blumebox) then insert into the moss covered blumebox cube. Push down as much plastic as possible so that it is not visible, but not too much to where the water will leak between the bag and box. Carefully (I recommend a watering can) begin watering the floral foam so that it begins absorbing. Water until foam is well soaked up with water. The box will be quite heavy, which is what you want.

For the flowers, we used ranunculus and simply placed into the floral foam. Once we finished designing the flowers, we filled the base with more moss to cover the plastic and top off that country chic look we love. And there you have it! This DIY moss centerpiece would be suitable for a country chic wedding, rustic farm rehearsal dinner or Easter brunch!

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