Colorful Sesame Street Birthday Party



Calling all Sesame Street fans…

Check out this colorful birthday party designed by one talented mom, who made sure to celebrate her kids, Sesame Street style!

We loved spotting an array of blumeboxes throughout this party and the ways in which the blumeboxes were used. While blumebox is designed to hold flowers, with its cardboard make up, it allows for so many more uses.  And this party showcases some fun alternatives.

Amidst the endless offerings of candy on the sweets table, two 6″ blumeboxes are filled with assorted suckers and tissue. Talk about cute, colorful, and cost effective!

Need a way to display signs? How clever are all the Sesame Street cut outs, displayed in different colored 8″ blumeboxes. To weigh down the box and hold up the signs, you could fill the blumebox bag with sand, rocks or marbles.

We want to hear from you! Have you incorporated blumeboxes into a recent celebration and have images you would like to share? Contact us.

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