Blumeboxes and Washi Tape – Love At First Sight

Wahooooo for washi tape!. . .

You have heard me say it before, I have a love affair with washi tape. So you can imagine that with Valentine’s Day nearing, I found it necessary to have some fun with a few rolls that were lying around the office, to come up with a couple simply cute, heartfelt gift ideas.

For these easy do-it-yourself Valentine’s Day packaging ideas, we used a 4″ white cube blumebox and a blumebud and proceeded to layer washi tape on top of washi tape.

To transform the blumebox into a sweet gift, we used our cake pop insert and added rock candy and red hots to make one tasty treat for your main squeeze.

As for the blumebud … after a few layers of washi tape love, we added a birthday cake flavored cake pop from Starbucks into the plastic tube. In no time at all, you have a wee something for you BFF! We have to admit, that our blumebuds come in super cute patterns that are cute enough to stand on their own. No washi tape needed!

Buy a blumebud 6-pack for $7.50, add a cake pop and you have one very easy, tasty and budget friendly gift for your girlfriends, kids and office-mates!

For more fun and creative ways to win the hearts of your loved one, check out our Valentine’s Pinterest board and Ideas In Blume Blog!

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