Thanksgiving Table Decor With Blumeboxes

Like most folks, we here at blumebox are obsessed with Pinterest and spend a fare bit of time searching for ideas, building boards, etc. Well, a while back we spotted a pretty awesome idea over on Choose To Thrive Blog, and we pinned it to experiment on some blumeboxes at a later date!

The original DIY project used glass bottles, but we had a hunch that this could look just as cool on blumeboxes, so we had a go. We wanted a neutral, organic vibe to the table so we stuck with tans, golds and a burnt orange palette.

To start, we used 6″ gold blumeboxes and applied black adhesive letters to each box. Next, we generously sprinkled espresso colored fine glitter to the letters. The static electricity on the letters caused the glitter to stick to the letters. No glue was needed. We did have to do some clean up to the blumeboxes, to wipe excess glitter off. Next, we filled each blumebox with a bundle of wheat that was tied off with velvet ribbon. Wheat is not as cheap as you might imagine, so try your best to find it in a field, yard side of the road. Or worst case, craft stores or floral wholesalers ought to have some. The good part is that it can be re-used.

The hardest part to this entire DIY “THANKS” centerpiece project was keeping the boxes upright. The lightweight”ness” of the wheat caused the blumeboxes to topple over. So we would recommend filling with some weight (sand, rocks or marbles). Add some gourds, pumpkins and leaves to the table and you have yourself one lovely Thanksgiving table!

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