Mini Pumpkin Topiary Blumebox Style!

We love a good DIY project, so when we spotted this super cool mini pumpkin & moss centerpiece in The Party Dress Magazine, we were all over it.

Talk about simple…this table was brought to life in 20 minutes. Seriously. I had 20 minutes to spare, before my 3′ tall assistants modified the set. So I got to work and with a few easy steps the table came together nicely.

To start I drilled small holes carefully into the pumpkins so that the kebab skewers could be inserted. I filled the wholes with Oasis Floral Adhesive to secure the skewer to pumpkin. Seven mini pumpkins and a stick later, I began inserting them into a 5″ Styrofoam ball. From here, I filled in all the white areas with moss. Now you could get away with not gluing in this step, but I wanted to secure the moss, so I used more of the floral adhesive to do so. Once all areas are covered, the pumpkin orb is ready to be mounted on the blumebox of your choice. Here we used an 8″ white blumebox.

Recreate this look for a Halloween party using orange pumpkins.

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