Decorating With Duck Tape

So in my spare time, I LOVE walking the aisles of Target. Seriously. My husband is perplexed by the joy it brings me to be “kid free” and journey to Target.

In my last travels, I found decorative Duct Tape.  I could have gone crazy and purchased a slew of patterns, but I remained calm and collected and grabbed one pattern, determining that I ought to test it first and see how it adheres to a blumebox. Well, it was the shizzle… the bomb…awesome…and EASY! I will be sure to pick up more on my next Target trip.

To start this DIY project, I used a 4″ white blumebox cube and literally started taping. I was pretty particular with lining up the pattern, but I am not sure how necessary that is. Three rows later, I was done. Really… that’s it! Now I did not measure things out, but I am guessing I could have decorated two more cubes. Talk a bout a super easy and one ridiculously cute party idea.

We could not stop admiring our wee creation, so we added some fresh strawberries and delivered it to a friend as a Hostess Gift.

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