Blumebox Bubble Gum Displays!

Gumball themed parties are popping up everywhere, right?

After seeing some clever DIY gumball machines, we could not help ourselves in coming up with our own version made out of blumeboxes!

The 6″ blumebox worked best, in regards to proportions, and select appropriate colors to match your theme. We stuck with aqua blue, red burst and pretty in pink to mach the fabulous gumball treats we found online.

The blumebox base is formed by opening the blumebox. That’s it! We were going to leave it plain, but it was a little too ho hum for our liking, so we added our striped paper ribbon and printed scalloped cards to the front of the blumebox gumball base. We love the results!

The top of the gumball machine was constructed out of 4″ fishbowls, terracotta bases, wooden balls, all of which were purchased at Michaels. 1)Paint the terracotta bottoms and wooden balls with color of your choice, we used white (five coats to be specific). Let dry. 2)Flip terracotta bottom over so flat bit faces up and glue the ball on top.Let dry3)Fill the fishbowl with gumballs of your choice top with lid and voila!

Inspiration and Photo credits: 1)gumball cookies 2)gumballs 3)gumball cupcakes

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