Ballerina Party in Shades of Pink, Yellow & Orange

Our oldest turned three earlier in the month and when I started to plan the festivities, I quickly realized that the birthday girl had a say! With turning 3, comes having an opinion and voicing it. She wanted a ballerina themed party, a princess ballerina themed party to be precise! And colors… well that’s easy; “pink, pink and pink, please mama”.

This was unfamiliar territory for me, seeing as I was pushing for a superheros party! But I embraced our princess ballerina’s wishes and started planning.  While pink was the favored color, I brought in touches of yellow and orange as well, resulting in a bright, cheery, festive party that made for one super happy princess ballerina!

I transformed the buffet hutch that sits in the entry way, into the sweet table that housed the cake, ballerina slipper cookies, bubble gum necklaces, candy and goodie bags. For the backdrop, three paper fans from Lippman Co., was a simple and cost effective($9) solution that added color to the “ho hum”white wall. The table was covered with a light pink striped fabric, that allowed the favors, and sweets to pop! Speaking of sweets, we had ballerina slipper cookies baked by Beaverton Bakery, cake and bitty cupcakes baked by Bliss Bakeshop, animal cracker cookies, salt water taffy and marshmallow dipped in rainbow sprinkles.

For the goodie bags, I took simple white bags and adorned them with orange and pink dot stickers, that you find at any office supply store. I attached circle name cards, that I designed, calling out each ballerina. The bag included a princess wand, that were hand made by me, thanks to this simple tutorial from Sweet n Sassy Girls, gumball necklaces and room to take home some treats!!

Our 3 year old princess ballerina was all smiles as she noshed on PB&J sandwiches, fruit salad and chips. Super simple for picky palettes!  I wanted to keep the table minimal and clear of clutter, so that eleven ballerina’s could move freely. To do so, we laid another patterned piece of fabric down, raised the food up by displaying it on 6″ passion pink blumeboxes. Each place was set with pink paper plates I found at Target, cutlery wrapped in napkins held together with blumebox paper ribbons, and adorable mason jars with sipper lids and striped straws. I planned to give each guest the jar to take with them, but I quickly changed my mind after seeing how fabulous these were!

The gumball necklaces were the hit of the party and were given to each ballerina as she arrived. I sourced this project out to the talented Miranda of Whimsical Printables.  For any of you who have tried making gumball necklaces, it’s not as easy as it looks, and paying a mere $4 each was a no brainer! To display these beauties, I stacked three 4″ cube blumeboxes, wrapped them in decorative paper, cut two grooves on opposite sides of the tower, covered some plastic pipe with ribbon and rested it on the grooves securing the pole in place. The necklaces hung perfectly!

Oh the cake…Listen up Portlanders, if you have not heard of or more importantly tried, Bliss Bake Shop, you are missing out big time! They make the most incredible baked goods and made one outstanding cake and twelve delectable bitty cupcakes. Only fault, I felt guilty cutting into this pink ombre beauty! The crowd could not stop talking about the cake!

To keep all the ballerinas busy, we had a “make your own headband” table. This was a super fun, hands-on project where the girls could select their baubles and the adults helped in gluing things together. Michales carried all of the items for this activity.

Everything went so smooth, and it was the most organized I have ever been for a party. By checking off a few things each day, made the day so much more enjoyable. And the birthday girl . . . “best day ever mama.” It doesn’t get any better than that!

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