Just In Time For Your Valentine Party!

Love Sweet Love is what we have for our new cake pop/lollipop display box. We here at blumebox have a “thing” for sweets and when we got introduced to cake pops…man oh man it was love at first bite. So we saw fit to design a carrier to house these sweet suckers!

The cake pop /lollipop display simply fits into our 4″ blumebox cube and VOILA! You have yourself one tasty looking display! Of course sky is the limit as to what else you can put into these new displays. We are loving brainstorming all the options.

For Valentine’s Day we tested mini cupcakes that we stuck a stick into. They held up well for the shoot, but we could see that the weight of the cupcake could force itself down the stick overtime.

A party is not a party without something to do, and this bubble gum bauble necklace is by far the cutest thing out there! If you have not met One Charming Party, do! They crafted up this adorable how to and have oodles more!

Inspiration and Photo credits: 1)NHayes Designs 2)One Charming Party

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