Red, White and Blue Blumeboxes!

With 4th of July just around the corner, we wanted to provide you all with some super easy and cost effective, DIY ideas that ensures your picnic and dessert tables to be as patriotic as they come!

We set out to prove that blumeboxes are not just for flowers, in fact, whatever the size or color, blumeboxes can hold/display just about anything! Starting with the cookie stand; we took a 4″ cube blumebox (color does not matter seeing as it will be covered) and wrapped it with two sheets of our patriotic blue stars on white paper ribbon. Using the 4″ blumebox as a base, we topped the cube off with a plate full of shortbread cookies. See close up image below!

Fruit kabob centerpieces are an easy, healthy and fun way to dress up the table and we figured that we could make quite an eye popping display for these! To add height variation to the table, we stacked two 4″ blumebox cubes and wrapped them in our white stars on blue paper ribbon. See above for a “how to” description. An easy way to arrange the kebabs is to use floral foam or styrofoam that can be bought at any craft store. But seeing as these materials are terrible on the environment, we simply cut a piece of cardboard and folded it in three’s to provide a shelf inside the cube. Poke desired amount of holes in top of cardboard shelf with skewer and then insert fruit filled kabobs. To cover up the join of the two cubes, we wrapped fabric ribbon around the middle.

For larger fruit kabob arrangements, the 5.5″ blumebox cube would be the ideal size!

For cost effective and EASY decoration idea this centerpiece requires three small helium filled, star shaped balloons arranged in an 8″ red, white, blue or even silver blumebox. To hold the balloons in place, we filled the blumebox with patriotic garland we picked up at the craft store. Sheets of tissue or shredded paper would also work as filler. Use our patriotic themed paper ribbon to line the sides of the blumebox, adding just a bit more fire cracking flare!

Flowers are a great addition to any table. And blumebox makes it easier than ever to add accents of colors where necessary! We incorporated two 6″ red blumeboxes (decorated with our white stars on blue paper ribbon) filled with white gerberas.

So what are you waiting for…begin shopping for your Patriotic Party!

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