Rainbow Sprinkle Blumebox!

The inspiration behind this sweet decoration idea came from a cake pop date with my daughter over the weekend.

For those of you unfamiliar with Starbucks new tasty addition, a cake pop is cake on a stick. Believe me, it is much more heavenly in person than words can describe.  And to see the happiness that such a baked good provides my daughter, makes my day!  I planned to take Perrin to Starbucks to dine on one of these “yummy”(as described from my 2 year old) treats, but I came up with this fabulous idea and moved our date to take place at home.

What would happen if rainbow sprinkles met a blumebox?

I took a 4″ white cube blumebox, sprayed one side of the blumebox with spray-on adhesive and rolled it in a pan of rainbow sprinkles. I proceeded to cover the remaining three sides of the blumebox with glue and sprinkles. Next, I filled in any spots that were light or void of sprinkles and then proceeded to give an all over spray of adhesive to keep the sprinkles in place. Insert a styrofoam ball or square piece of floral foam into the blumebox and fill out with cut gerberas so that foam is hidden. And lastly insert the cake pop/s in the foam and you have one super cute and colorful cake pop stand!

Perrin can hardly wait for next weekend!

We removed the cake pop to showcase the fabulous rainbow sprinkled blumebox as a floral centerpiece. Multiply this idea, and create ten of these centerpieces filled with assorted colored gerberas or balloons and line a table for a kids birthday party or baby shower!

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