Blumeboxes Make For Great Cupcake Stands!

For those of you who don’t know, blumebox is based in Portland, OR …. home of a rivalry between the Oregon State Beavers and University of Oregon Ducks. For the purposes of our location, the football season photo shoots feature these two teams quite often, hence the black/orange and green/yellow palette.

We recently discovered that blumeboxes make for a great cupcake stand and we wanted to show you just how easy it can be to decorate them to suit your party. And we thought, what better timing to introduce our readers to a great Portland based business who makes these adorable personalized cupcake wraps. See below for more information.

Both blumebox cupcake stands featured have stickers adhered to them that were purchased from the schools’ bookstores. This is a very simple way to decorate! On the 6″ black OSU beavers blumebox, we added our orange stripe printed ribbon to the box first and then adhered the sticker. Next take any colored or sized plate and sit on top of the opened blumebox. Arrange the cupcakes with these fantastic customized cupcake wrappers  … Voila!

If interested in getting more info on these custom cupcake wraps by Paper Dolls, email Heather at Keep in mind that they sell patterns of all kinds and can personalize them for birthdays, anniversary’s, bat mitzvahs, bar mitzvahs…

This is a bit of a whimsical look for a football party, but we wanted to show how the simple addition of our printed paper ribbons add some splash to the cupcake stands. With over 100 styles to select from, blumebox makes it easier than ever to hit your party’s theme.

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