Transport & Display Your Wedding Bouquets in Style

6in white personalized bridal bouquet flower vase

The lines of a blumebox accessorize nicely with wedding bouquets, whether they are sleek and modern, or whimsically romantic.
This fancy feathered bouquet created by Out of Hand fits perfectly into our 6″ white blumebox. With a sprinkling of their creative genius ( a personalized name card from any paper store), they have given each bridesmaid her very own personalized container. Even better is the flowers can remain in water right up until the point where they need to walk down the aisle, ensuring they look absolutely fabulous for the wedding.
These blumebox bouquet holders, a.k.a. flower vases, also looked beautiful after the ceremony as accents on the cake tables.

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1DavidNov 12, 2009 at 3:50 pm

Wow, I really like this... Great Bouquet!

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